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Our Apple Spirit, Prestige, Crystal and Diamond lines are available from the most selective restaurants and professionals. Retrace their story and experience it at home !

The “Prestige” line

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The Prestige line

The “Prestige” line is composed exclusively of vintage award with very different personalities and colors sublimated by the simplicity of transparency.

Nature, which puts on the invisible the mask of the visible, is an appearance corrected by a transparency

– Victor Hugo –


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21 Year Vintage (1993) Vol. 42°

Gold medal  Caen 2003 and silver medal 1001dégustations 2014

A start on accents of cooked apple vanilla. Palate mouth, round, easy, gluttony, suppleness. Final almost saline and iodized.

35cl : 79€ incl. VAT
70cl : 134€ incl. VAT
150cl : 242€ incl. VAT

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20 Year Vintage (1993) Vol. 42°

Gold Medal Caen 2003

Pretty amber color. Remarkable roundness. Nice length in the mouth. Suspicion of iodized notes on the final.

35cl : 71€ incl. VAT
70cl : 121€ incl. VAT
150cl : 220€ incl. VAT

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17 Year Vintage (1996) Vol. 47°

Gold Medal 1001dégustations 2016

Fresh nose but not aggressive. On the road to Nectar and spices. Nice balance between fruit and woody flavors.

35cl : 68€ incl. VAT
70cl : 115€ incl. VAT
150cl : 209€ incl. VAT

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11 year vintage (2002) Vol. 58° (unreduced)

Gold medal 1001dégustations 2014

Nose on the apple, very fine, sharp. A beautiful eau de vie, well made, gourmet, with a lot of elegance. Very nice finish.

35cl : 58€ incl. VAT
70cl : 97€ incl. VAT
150cl : 177€ incl. VAT

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  • All vintages are available with or without box and in 3 formats: 35cl, 70cl and 150cl
  • Transparent bottles, hand-made wax pad, gilded cork stopper, plastic safety over-cap
  • Wooden box, sliding lid, Plexiglas



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