Part 4-5 EN : La ligne Apple Brandy « Terre des Presseaux »

Myths in bottles

Produced from the same terroir and raised with the same rigor as the Calvados Terre des Presseaux, vodkas from the Apple Spirit line are made from 100% organic apples, 100% pure.

From apple to bottle, purity and transparency are de rigueur. But we keep a part of mystery notably on the distribution, the dosage and the varieties of apples that compose our line Apple Spirit.
A part of mystery and myth for magic to work.

The best apples grow at the Garden of Eden … but the purest are picked up by hand on the land called “Terre des Presseaux”.
The idea came from one of the best bartender in the world who asked us to develop a pure, fruity Vodka, with divine apple flavors, noble in spirit but young and fresh to taste and eat consumed or for The development of its cocktails.

The Garden of the Hesperides is full of golden apples … one of which was sent to three Greek goddesses.
The gods charged a shepherd named Paris to designate the most beautiful of the three.
Suspended to her judgment, Aphrodite (goddess of love) was the happy chosen.
That’s why today we find golden apple barks suspended in Apple Brandy Pâris Vodka.