Part 4-3 EN : Cave Cristal Terre des Presseaux

Cave CristalAt the end of the XVIIIth century, the first crystal drink cabinets were used to help to pass the time pleasantly on long journeys.
Around 1850, the growing bourgeoisie discovered the charms of luxury and design. It encouraged the use of refined objects such as tea boxes as well as cigar and liquor cabinets.
George Sand is said to have started this trend. Drink cabinets expanded under the Second Empire and could be found in the shops of the Palais Royal.

Some artisan manufacturers such as Cristal du Creusot, St Louis, Sèvres, Baccarat reached an extreme refinement : moulding, carving, acid cutting or diamond shaping, as well as finished with fine gold. There was no limit to inventiveness.

By 1840, new decanters, all made in Bohemia came along to enrich the existing offer. Manufactured there, “La Cave de Cristal” Terre des Presseaux revives the old tradition.

Exceptional carafes for exceptional Calvados.